Dance of Sense

Mixed Media on copper and brass

Dance of Sense


Dance of Sense is a collection of mixed media and collage pieces on copper and brass that were inspired by the works of contemporary Iranian poets such as Forough Farrokhzad and Ahmad Shamloo. As a trained Persian calligrapher, I sought to integrate my passion for painting with the beautiful and balanced forms of calligraphy. I studied two types of Persian calligraphy (Nastaliq & cursive Nastaliq) at one of the most renowned calligraphy institutes in Iran and completed all my courses successfully.

From the outset, I challenged traditional calligraphic practices by using non-standard size pens and painting colors other than traditional calligraphy ink. Through years of practice and exploration, I established my own voice in my artwork. I continued to break traditional calligraphic rules and combined my painting and calligraphy to create beautiful and ingenious works.

In creating Dance of Sense, I used copper and brass metals with mirror-like effects and the ability to combine with chemicals to produce colors such as traditional green, which holds a special meaning in Iranian culture. These unique materials provided me with the ability to create beautiful and artistic works.

Through my artwork, I sought to capture the essence of contemporary Persian poetry, specifically the works of Farrokhzad and Shamloo, and to express the dance that I experience in my soul. The collection represents my interpretation of their poetry and my artistic vision.

Dance of Sense is a manifestation of my passion for combining calligraphy and painting to create beautiful, unique, and artistic pieces that reflect the essence of contemporary Iranian poetry.

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