Words can Fly

Fabric, mesh, nail and paper on cardboard

Words Can Fly


My art series, Words Can Fly, began as a collaboration with a psychologist friend, but I eventually continued the project on my own. It is a world of pure light and whiteness, where femininity and emotion take on a unique form of flight. Although it started as a poetic exploration, it soon expanded to include a range of materials such as fabric, mesh, paper, nails, and mirrors, which have come together to create an immersive, multi-dimensional experience that defies conventional artistic boundaries.

This project stands apart from my previous works of painting and calligraphy, as the words themselves are prepared in computer programs and then printed onto cardboard surfaces. This change in technique only enhances the intensity and beauty of the series.

This project is deeply personal to me, as a woman, Words Can Fly embodies my feminine spirit, inner dance, love, and freedom. Breaking the rules and unleashing creativity are the two sides of a coin that defines my art. Through this series, I seek to inspire others to explore their emotions, embrace their unique creative energies, and soar to new heights.

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