Women and Politics

Traditional Scarf and mixed media on wood panel

Women and Politics


My artistic practice is dedicated to exploring the intersection of women’s issues and politics, with a focus on the Middle East. Through my project, “Women and Politics,” I aim to expose how cultural and traditional views of women are reinforced by political systems, including those in my home country of Iran. Using traditional scarves and any cultural objects from various regions, I investigate the historical and cultural roots of women’s issues, while highlighting the ways in which politics perpetuate gender-based oppression.

Through the juxtaposition of scarves with bullets, a symbol of political power and violence, I draw attention to how women’s bodies have become a battleground for political control and repression. My work aims to amplify the voices of women who have experienced political oppression and inspire meaningful change towards a more equitable future. By doing so, I hope to challenge outdated and harmful views and promote progressive laws that ensure women’s freedom and safety.

In exploring the impact of government power on women, I specifically highlight the oppression and control that women face in Iran. Women are required by law to veil themselves in public spaces, with violations leading to fines and imprisonment. Women’s reproductive autonomy is heavily restricted by the government in Iran, leaving them with limited options for controlling their fertility. In addition, the government can also control women’s access to contraception, such as free birth control pills and condoms, this includes a lack of access to safe and legal abortion services, making it challenging for women who do not wish to have children to avoid unwanted pregnancies. The government also regulates women’s clothing choices, marriage, and sexual relationships, with severe punishment for those who violate these laws. Inheritance laws favor men, leaving women at a significant disadvantage in terms of property ownership and financial security.

Women who speak out against the government policies or advocate for women’s rights are targeted and victimized, with female political prisoners subjected to sexual violence and torture by government officials. My work as an artist is to bring attention to these issues and inspire others to advocate for social justice and women’s rights. Ultimately, my creative talents are dedicated to sparking conversations and inspiring actions that will lead to a brighter future for women everywhere.

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