I Am a Historical Grief

Mixed media and collage on ceramic, metal cage, canvas and wood panel

I Am a Historical Grief


In I Am a Historical Grief, I aim to express the perpetual unrest that resides within me as a result of living through political turmoil and attempting to understand and reconcile with the complex history of the lands. Through my art, I seek to shed light on the current state of the global issues by documenting what I have seen, heard, and experienced. My works are not mere portrayals of historical moments, but rather a reflection of the perpetual cycle of history repeating itself in the present.

To tell these stories, I carefully choose objects with rich histories and imbue new meanings in them that speak to the present. Some objects have specific identities and meanings that are representative of different regions of the Middle East, while others are given new meaning based on my own experiences of war and political violence in my homeland. Color plays an essential role in my works, with black and red being the primary colors used to symbolize mourning and the blood that has been shed on the ground.

This series of works represents an ongoing study, research, and understanding of the historical-political issues in the Middle East and beyond. As an artist, I strive to go beyond the surface of my mediums and highlight the past and current situation of the world and its issues. I hope that my works will contribute to a greater understanding of the complex history of the lands and the need for change.

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