The Road that Must be Traveled

Mixed Media, threads and mirror on canvas

The Road that Must be Traveled


As an artist and social activist, my creative journey has evolved from a focus on beauty and aesthetics to a deeper exploration of meaning and purpose. Through collaborating with Iranian-Canadian poet Amir Mahim on The Road that Must be Traveled project, I merged his powerful poetry with my signature style of painting-calligraphy. Through this project, I sought to depict the path of my artistic and activist journey, marked by both empty and white circles representing moments of doubt and clarity. The threads that weave throughout the canvas symbolize the twists and turns of this road, with each stitch representing a challenge or milestone that I have encountered. As I look upon my reflection in the mirror, I am reminded of the importance of self-reflection and introspection. Have I chosen the correct path? Have I done all that I can? These questions continue to drive me forward in my artistic practice and social activism.

The Road that Must be Traveled is not just a project, but a representation of my ongoing journey as an artist and a human being. It is a reminder to always push forward, to seek meaning and purpose, and to reflect upon the choices that we make along the way. As an artist, my work is not just about creating something beautiful, but about using my creativity as a means of exploring deeper questions and seeking truth. This highlights the importance of using art as a tool for introspection and reflection, which is a central theme of my The Road that Must be Traveled project.

The exhibition of The Road that Must be Traveled was held at Hittite Gallery in 2016, accompanied by the launch of my book of the same name that describes the project. Sadly, Amir Mahim passed away due to COVID-19 in April 2020, this collection is a poignant tribute to his memory.

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