Through the Doors

A photography Project on Metal Doors in Iran

Through the Doors


I am an artist who uses public art as a means of engaging with social and political issues. My current project involves photographing and pasting social slogans on doors in Iran, strategically placing them where people use their keys to gain entry to their homes. By doing so, I aim to spark thoughts and discussions about social issues that affect people’s lives and empower them to take action to create positive change. I believe that through the power of art, we can inspire change and make the world a better place for everyone.

The doors themselves play a crucial role in this project, symbolizing both opportunities for new beginnings and barriers that must be overcome. I carefully considered the unique shape and design of each door when choosing the appropriate slogan to convey a specific message. In addition, the aged metal frames show over a decade of colors and the passage of time, symbolizing the history and culture of Iran.

Through this project, I took more than 3,000 photographs of doors with slogans, each one a unique snapshot of a particular moment in time and a particular community. The slogans touch upon various social and political issues that are often taboo or ignored in society, and I hope to continue to use art as a tool for social transformation.

At the heart of my work is a belief in the power of art to create change. By using photography and public art as a means of engaging with social and political issues, I hope to contribute to ongoing conversations about justice and equity, and to inspire others to take action in their own communities. Public art has the power to create a shared experience, bring people together, and inspire social change.

My project is dedicated to the remarkable women who have inspired me and made a significant impact on the world. Each door represents the strength, resilience, and beauty of these women and serves as a tribute to their unwavering spirit and a reminder that their legacy lives on. Through my art, I seek to create a sense of urgency and motivation, to inspire people to break down the barriers that stand in their way and work towards a more just and equitable society.

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