Voiceless Women

Photo and mixed media on wood panel

Voiceless Women


As an artist who is passionate about social justice, Voiceless Women is a testament to the women and girls’ issues in deprived regions of my homeland. In this series of artworks, I aim to shed light on the experiences of women in Iran who are marginalized, oppressed, and voiceless due to patriarchal and societal pressures. Through my photographs, collages, and paintings, I have attempted to capture the colorful clothes worn by these women, while also highlighting the challenges they face in their daily lives.

My work focuses on the struggles faced by Kurdish, Turkish, Baluch, and Arab women, as well as those who do not fit traditional gender stereotypes and those who identify as LGBTQIA+. My works in this collection explores issues such as forced child marriages, the drop-out of girls from school, and the cultural and economic barriers that contribute to gender inequality.

As an artist, I believe that it is my responsibility to use my platform to amplify the voices of these women and bring attention to their experiences. Through my art, I attempt to empathize with their struggles and encourage society to be more accepting of diversity. I hope that these artworks will serve as a call to action for others to advocate for gender equality and human rights, and that my art will inspire positive change for the women who continue to suffer in silence.

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