Voices From the Past: Exploring the Unseen

Voices From the Past: Exploring the Unseen


As an artist, my creative practice delves into the realms of history and politics, as well as their profound impact on the present. Drawing inspiration from the past, I embark on journeys that unravel complex political-historical issues from diverse regions of the world, striving to raise awareness and foster familiarity of other lands through my art. At the core of my artistic vision lies a deep commitment to preserving and safeguarding the past issues as living archives for future generations. I believe that archives serve as beacons of knowledge that guide humanity by illuminating the path from the present to the future.

My creative practice encompasses various media, such as painting, sculpture and installation, and sound and video.

Through my artwork, I aim to shed light on the significance of worldwide historical events, bringing them to the forefront of contemporary discourse. Simultaneously, I utilize my creativity to construct new archives, enriching collective knowledge base by expanding its understanding of the past. I invite my audience to challenge history and historical issues, encouraging critical thought and guiding them to choose the right side of history.

To me, Archives are not static repositories of information; they are dynamic resources that help people learn from past mistakes and pave the way for a brighter future. By using archives as a source of inspiration, I hope to spark conversations about the role history has in shaping the present and future.

I seek to challenge prevailing ideologies, question current power structures, and prompt critical reflections on the complexities of governance and social justice. Through my art, I aspire to evoke conversations that dismantle entrenched biases, reveal hidden motivations, and foster empathy and understanding.

Through this process, I aim to shine a light on marginalized voices, neglected episodes, and alternative perspectives that can shape a new understanding of the past. My work confronts historical erasure, particularly concerning women’s issues, labor, migration, and displacement.

By excavating the past, exploring the present, and envisioning alternative futures, my art strives to contribute to collective awakening. I seek to foster transformative dialogue and instigate societal change; history, politics, and archives could converge as the catalysts for a more just, inclusive world.

Through my artworks, I endeavor to ignite a deeper understanding of the struggles endured by diverse communities and encourage people to stand on the right side of history, championing equity, justice, and compassion for all.

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